marty green productions introduces:


The Ballad of Monisch

a one-man musical play

written and performed by Marty Green


Multi-talented interpreter of Yiddish culture Marty Green introduces his latest offering in the form of a ninety-minute musical play, “The Ballad of Monisch”, based on a classic poem by I. L. Peretz. What starts out as a Jewish retelling of the classic Faust legend quickly turns into a rollicking, satirical look at traditional Jewish attitudes towards religion, sex, and the non-Jewish world.  Marty Green has taken this epic ballad and adapted it to a lively jazz-klezmer setting, interleaving his own razor-sharp English translations with the original Yiddish lyrics.


Marty Green first appeared on the Yiddish scene in the year 2000 with the publication of On Foreign Soil, his masterful translation of the memoirs of Falk Zolf, with a twist: the translation starts in English and gradually turns back to Yiddish as you read it. In 2003 he followed this up with his first CD, A Boy Named Sureh, which includes hilarious Yiddish translations of such popular songs as A Boy Named Sue, Little Jimmy Brown (The Three Bells),, and My Way. With The Ballad of Monisch, Green hopes to introduce the humor, charm and poetry of Yiddish to a wider audience with no previous knowledge of the language.


The Ballad of Monisch will be making its world premiere at Winnipeg’s Berney Theater on Sunday, Nov. 21st. (Yes, that's Grey Cup Day in Canada!) Tickets are available for both matinee (2:00 pm, make it home in time to catch the opening kickoff at 5) and evening shows...and when you purchase two for the regular price of $25.00, you also get a free copy of Marty's CD "A Boy Named Sureh"!  For more information on Marty Green and his creative works, call 204-774-4932 or email


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