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On Foreign Soil: Book marries Yiddish language with stories of WWI
Broadcast May 17, 2001

On Foreign Soil book coverMartin Green is the force behind an unusual literary creation.

Green, a mechanical engineer by profession, has translated a book called "On Foreign Soil", written originally in Yiddish by Falk Zolf. (Mr. Zolf, by the way, is the father of well-known Canadian journalist, Larry Zolf.)

It's about coming of age during the First World War in Russia. The translation is designed to tell the story, and at the same time, teach Yiddish.

Listen to host Shelagh Rogers' conversation with Martin Green.
*You'll need Real Player to hear the discussion. Download Real Player (the "Basic" version is free.)

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About the book (and related stories):

  • On Foreign Soil - official site, with more information about the book, including excerpts.
  • "Mayn Zikhroynos", Volume II - here you can read the memoirs of Yekhezkal Kotik, published shortly before the First World War, provide a fascinating picture of Jewish life in the nineteenth century.

About the Yiddish language:

More book items:

Talking Books: Code of the West

Listen to the Talking Books panel discuss Code of the West.
*You'll need Real Player to hear the discussion. Download Real Player (the "Basic" version is free.)

Talking Books: Code of the West

Talking Books' host Ian Brown and his panel take a look at novel in which King Arthur meets "The West." The book, "Code of the West", was written by Aaron Latham. It weaves Western history and Arthurian myths in this reworking of the Sword in the Stone legend. The hero of the story, Jimmy Goodnight, becomes a legend when he pulls an ax out of an anvil.

Talking Books: Anatomy of a Rose

Talking Books: Anatomy of a Rose

Host Ian Brown and his guests take a looking at a new book called "Anatomy of a Rose: Exploring the Secret Life of Flowers," by Sharman Apt Russell. "Anatomy of a Rose" (distributed in Canada by Harper Collins) takes the reader on a botanical journey. Russell reveals the science behind these intelligent plants: how they evolved, how they survive, how they heal.

Who's to blame for the beleaguered state of Canada's book business?

Who's to blame for the beleaguered state of Canada's book business?

Never before have Canadian writers been so successful both here and abroad, yet our publishing industry remains in a quagmire. Because publishers are strapped for cash, they are resorting to desperate means to keeping themselves afloat. Some may have to drop Canadian writers from their rosters as part of their cost-cutting measures.

Interview: David Rakoff

Listen to the interview.
*You'll need Real Player to hear the interview. Download Real Player (the "Basic" version is free.)

Interview: David Rakoff, a New York writer ... and so much more

David Rakoff says New York is the great love of his life. He was a teenager when he left Canada to move there. Now, twenty years later, he describes himself as a "New York writer" who also happens to be a Canadian writer, a Jewish writer, a gay writer and an "East Asian Studies Major Who Has Forgotten Most of His Japanese" writer. Rakoff's is a unique perspective that shows up in the witty and poignant essays collected in his first book,"Fraud".